There are many types of stainless steel trash cans with different design principles


  Stainless steel trash cans with different shapes and functions can be seen everywhere in the streets and indoors, and the principles of these trash cans are also different in design, so as to meet the actual specific needs.

  (1) Fixed type

  This stainless steel trash can will not be easily moved, it is convenient to manage, and it is usually placed in the area with less people flow. The structural composition is that the upper layer is a trash can body, and the lower layer is a fixed supporting base. Durable and good anti-theft function.

  (2) Activity type

  Contrary to the fixed stainless steel trash can, it belongs to the movable trash can, which is widely used in the range of crowded people. The structure is more common in the upright type, with strong flexibility, and the stainless steel trash can can be replaced at any time.

  (3) Reliance

  Supported stainless steel trash cans are usually lighter in weight and fixed on walls or pillars. They are often used in places with dense crowds but less space.